About Us

Steer Electrical is part of a larger group. Notably, providing thorough Electrical, Mechanical, Communication and IT services to Wales and the West. Ultimately, the aim is to provide straight forward solutions to customers, with little hassle or disruption.

Steer Electrical has continued to grow over the last couple of years. As a result, we’ve stormed through the difficult times of 2020, ensuring customers are supported and their needs are met.

Our team are friendly, professional and passionate. So, we ensure that our customers are confident in our solutions and services.

Our growth has been progressive and in turn, we have welcomed new members of staff. In particular, fully trained engineers who are supporting apprentices at the start of their careers. All of which, are led by Luke Williams who has over 20 years experience in the industry. Evidently, our progress has enabled the team to support our varied client base, from large Health Care companies to established restaurants and bars.

Our Vision

The firstchoice provider of electrical, mechanical and communication solutions for businesses in the UK.

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical, mechanical and communication services. Of which, are delivered by our expertly trained team. Following from this, we pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectation and ensure stress-free installation and support. 

Our Values


Priding ourselves on linking up closely with our customers, every step of the way. Undoubtedly, communication is key.


Understandably, customers are different. Because of this, our services and solutions are unique to every one of them.


As a highly motivated team, we provide stress-free installations. In turn, allowing us to complete our solution in the planned time frame with little disruption.


Our solutions are well-planned and organised. As a result, projects run smoothly and precisely.


We keep updated with health and safety training. Importantly, our engineers follow current legislation keeping our team and your business safe.