Audio and Visual Systems

We proudly deliver tailored audio and visual systems (AV) solutions to many industries, including education, sport, commercial, transport and the public sector. Because of our varying customer base, we have provided a wide range of specific services from simple plasma screens, LCD or projector screen installations, and multi-floor AV systems.

We work with you from the start, firstly understanding your AV needs before applying solutions that we know to be reliable and efficient—ultimately providing you with the best user experience.

AV Audit and Health Check

By default, audio and visual systems and presentation devices should work without error. However, this is often not the case. Therefore, we provide maintenance and support services for AV and presentation devices. This involves offering clarity regarding your current devices. Then, discussing what options are available when an upgrade is desired.

The Key Benefits of the Health Check

The health check includes any past works to ensure your equipment is kept to a good standard. Additionally, software and firmware upgrades, as well as diagnostic testing are offered. Ultimately, regular servicing and maintenance will improve AV device reliability. Ergo, preventing the replacement of systems earlier than expected.

What to Expect from the Health Check

Our experienced engineers will do a full audit of your AV equipment. Including the discovery of issues that could arise in the future and then preventing them. Following this, you will receive an assessment from our engineers, offering advice on optimising current equipment.

What the Health Check does for you

Our engineers will attend the site and complete the following:

  • A full test of your equipment and devices

  • Testing cable performance and termination checks

Audit of each part to include:

  • Checking firmware revisions

  • Cleaning filters

  • A PSI test (Performance and Scope for Improvement)

  • Scheduled Service Checks

  • Assess the condition of the equipment

The Health Check will focus on:

  • Our engineers can carry out minor repairs. Such as checking cable conditions.

  • Larger repairs will be brought to your attention and costed before any work is carried out.

  • We will reccomend improvements for your current system.