The EV Charging Process



Following your selection of a survey appointment, our experts will assess the area’s suitability. Alternatively, other installation points can be recommended for you.


Planning and Tailoring

Our OZEV approved experts will prepare a personalised installation plan. Following this, you can then choose a suitable install date.



Upon arrival, the team will prepare your proposed install area. Then, the unit(s) will be fitted and tested. After that, a tutorial is supplied. Ultimately, this process will span several hours.


Continued Support

Professional support and advice is available after the install. Furthermore, you can contact us 24 hours a day.

Why Steer Electrical?

Unlike other companies, Steer Electrical will assist with all aspects of the EV Charging process. This highlights the strict commitment to our values.

Priding ourselves on linking up closely with clients, communication is key.

Customers are understandably different. Consequently, it’s why Steer Electrical provide bespoke solutions, unique to each client to ensure needs are met.

The highly motivated team provide stress-free installations. In turn, allowing for fast and reliable work with little disruption.

 Thorough plans are adapted and followed meticulously. As a result, there are no delays and setbacks.

The team follow UK Safety Laws, ensuring all projects are carried out with great care and due diligence. Not to mention, we provide our staff with the most updated health and safety training, enabling us to provide safe and professional solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) is used to supply Plug-in Hybrids or Electric Vehicles (EV) with power. Furthermore, EVC Units can be installed at places of work, business settings and residential areas.

As a homeowner (or a mortgage holder) with off-street parking, you are likely to be eligible for installation. However, as of April 2022, the EVHS scheme changes to exclude homeowners.

As a tenant renting a property, please contact the property owner and refer them to us to discuss options.

Yes, if this is the case, direct the employer to us. Once directed, EVC options will be explored.

With thanks to the Workplace Charging Scheme, EVC installation is now easier and more appealing to employers.

EVC installation makes little change to your energy bill, due to EV’s carry lower road tax and are reliable. Ergo, offsetting your energy bill.

We have a range of EVC units to suit various needs. However, cheaper EVC units are popular but do charge slower compared to some other options.

Many energy companies have various EVC plans which help manage the cost. Because of this, check your energy providers FAQ page on Electric Vehicle Charging for more information.

We are available 9am to 5pm on  02920 348877. Instead, you can contact us via email using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

EV Charging

Our EV Services

Home Use

Home installations are our most practised EVC service, popular locations include driveways or garages. Contrasting this, on-street EVC solutions may be considered if correct conditions are met.

Workplace Use

Business locations such as office parking are ideal locations for EVC units, allowing employees and visitors to charge their car. To assist, Government grants are available for this installation type.

Commercial Use

Commercial business owners are able to install EVC units at their place of commerce. Therefore, enabling customers and staff to charge vehicles. Additionally, management tools and software are available to ensure smooth operation of the EVC units. Government grants may be available with this option.